maandag 2 januari 2017

Emma 338

This fine portrait of lovely Emma in a masterpiece by Zenni marks the end of her third photo shoot. High time for a big mug of hot coffee in a restaurant to warm the limbs after a good hour's work on the cold, windy pyramid. We actually did a theme series in the restaurant and this will be posted on another occasion. As the saying goes, meat for another day and another story.

Emma, it was my privilege and honour to work with you again! Thank you for squeezing this photo shoot in your busy time schedule on short notice. Apologies for the cold wind on our main location but I do hope that the scenery in these new portraits is a lasting compensation for that. Modeling can be hard work but rewarding when the results are as excellent as this. What stuck me again is your motivation to improve your posing on each new occasion. That's how it works. And in my opinion, this is your best documentary so far. It was a real pleasure to do the editing job at home and it often brought a smile on my face. We agreed to do another photo shoot on a fine summer day and I will keep the glasses we selected in the restaurant aside for you. Emma, you are a gem and I wish you a healthy, happy, successful 2017 in every respect. Thank you again, and till next time!

Emma 336 - 337

"I overheard that, Mr. Photographer, thank you". The compliment about Emma's marvelous looks in these Zenni was actually made and her sweet smile was heartening.

Emma 335

Lovely Emma posed in many Zenni glasses during her second photo shoot and again on the present occasion. Many of their frame styles suit her quite well but in my opinion, these glasses are the best. Feel free to disagree....

Emma 333 - 334

The frame has a touch of the cat eye look and the decoration with the silver arch is quite attractive.

Emma 332

Regular viewers of my weblogs may remember a reddish Zenni pair nicknamed "Wall of Glass". Its lenses are minus twelve and 15 millimeters thick, hence the name. During the past two years, no less than nine models - Emma included - posed in the Wall of Glass. A couple of months ago I ordered this brown version of the frame, this time fitted with the standard prescription of minus eight. The wall has gone but the lenses are still 8 to 9 millimeters thick. Lovely Emma is the first to pose in these glasses.

Emma 331

Glasses: Zenni 205625
[L=R: -8.00]

Emma 330

It's safe to assume that after her initial delight, it took the first owner of these glasses some time to get used to the blended myodisc lenses. The main problem is the limited peripheral view, forcing her to look straight ahead and move her head more than before. The crazy, psychedelic effects created by the transition zone towards the carrier lens are rather disturbing. I heard this from the few models who could see well through some blended myodisc glasses from my collection. Petra was the most articulate in her comments. She had heard about blended myodisc lenses but never seen a pair, let alone try it on. It was a magic moment when she put them on. She liked her looks in the mirror but added straightaway that the field of view was limited and it would take her some time to use such glasses in real life. It was a different experience for Emma who had to cope with the massive blur but she managed bravely, delivering magnificent portraits. Hat off for Emma!