vrijdag 17 februari 2017

Carla 341

This magnificent portrait of beautiful Carla in powerful cat eye glasses by Zenni marks the end of a glorious photo shoot.

Way back in 2009, Carla was the 5th Lady behind Crystal Veil, only a couple of months after the start of the project. In other words, model photography was still largely unknown territory for me. So many things to learn.... But there is nothing like learning by doing. In retrospect, it was a blessing that a highly experienced model was willing to pose for me. Over the years, that first photo shoot with Carla always remained a reference point and a precious memory.

Carla, it was a most welcome surprise when you contacted me about a new photo shoot. When you arrived, the ritual of installing all your hats and accessories reminded me of the previous time. And when you started posing, it was just as if you had only been away for a few months. In fact, there were only two differences. Instead of exclusively concentrating on "classic" posing, you interspersed it with cheerful moments and smiles. Another difference came from my side. More self confidence. As a result, the general atmosphere of the new photo shoot was relaxed. Another contributing factor was the secure feeling that any flaws could be improved by editing. It's like climbing a mountain belayed by a rope instead of a solo climb in which a slip is fatal. It was a real pleasure to watch your posing. You looked as if you enjoyed every minute of your come back as a model after several years of retirement. It was heartening to see that you have lost none of your posing qualities. And for sure, you are as beautiful as ever. Whatever the future of the project will be, it now feels as if a circle of seven years is closed. Allow me to say that if ever you feel like doing a third photo shoot, you have a standing invitation. Thank you so much!

A word of thanks goes to Marian who first introduced us and subsequently accompanied you during the first photo shoot. Marian, it was my pleasure that you fulfilled that role again. Your invisible presence contributed to the quality of the new photo shoot, especially in the captures where you served as a beacon for Carla.

"Que sera, sera" (Doris Day).

donderdag 16 februari 2017

Carla 339 - 340

Carla is a model with many qualities. Her ability to establish a credible, natural eye contact with her photographer is second to none. She has 20 / 20 vision without visual aid and the lenses in these cat eye glasses are minus twelve. There is no way of telling that these are not her own glasses and that all she saw was a massive blur. Big compliment for Carla!

Carla 338

The sky is the limit when a lady gets the opportunity to wear splendid glasses like these....

Carla 337

These giant blue cat eye glasses were ordered three years ago and in spite of the high prescription, they were an instant hit among models (Juliette 255, Sandra 208, Iris 144, Nadya 179, Mia 065, Nefeli 170, Lettie 230).

Carla 336

Glasses: Zenni 625616
[L: -11.00; c-1.25 v / R: -11.50; c-1.25 v]

Carla 335

Carla always brings a large selection of hats and other accessories along to her photo shoots and she invariably makes the right choice. Some glasses simply call for a hat and vice versa. Checking her looks in a hand mirror was no option because of the strong lenses but Carla was convinced that this combination would work. This is how she reacted when I gave her tons of praise for her splendid looks.

Carla 334

Five years ago, these giant turquoise green glasses were a welcome discovery in the Zenni catalog and I ordered them straightaway. The frame is really striking and it fits in the category "Not for the fainthearted". The glasses traveled a lot, visiting no less than five foreign countries: Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Cyprus and England. It's noteworthy that they were selected by blondes, brunettes, black models and also by a flaming red haired model. When Carla picked these glasses from the table and started posing, my thoughts went strait back to a phrase written by one of Ireland's leading models. Invited well beforehand to mention her favourite styles, her answer was straight to the point: "Opticians in Dublin are hopeless. They only have dull frames in their shops. I like big and chunky frames, the chunkier the better". And for sure, that's what Sohaila got. She was especially pleased to pose in the turquoise glasses. It came as no surprise to me that Carla liked them as well. All in all, seven bold models posed in these glasses before her and it's really interesting to compare their looks (Daisy 235, Nel 441, Sohaila 079, Farishta 965, Nadya 079, Emma 184, Miliswa 078).