maandag 2 oktober 2017

Priscilla 100

Precision work with an excellent result. This great portrait of five eyed Priscilla behind blended myodisc glasses marks the end of a pleasant afternoon in the nature conservation area. Priscilla is the 84th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

A word of praise for the model will follow soon!

Priscilla 099

"Of course not. You can take the glasses off now"

"But what if the scorpions sting me?"

"Ah, they are water scorpions. They never leave the area with the pools"

Priscilla 098

"Do I have to keep wearing your glasses forever to be protected?"

Priscilla 097

"They only sting for self defense when you step on them"

Priscilla 096

"Don't worry about the scorpions, they won't sting you...."

"Ah, that's reassuring"

Priscilla 095

"But I'm afraid of scorpions, they are dangerous. How can your glasses protect me if they sting?"

Priscilla 094

"I saw a drawing of a scorpion on the illustration...."