dinsdag 1 mei 2018

Chanel 137 - 138

Encore.... Two versions of lovely Chanel posing in a nameless pair of blended myodisc glasses used by the same lady who later became the first owner of the Flair glasses.

Chanel is the 85th Lady behind Crystal Veil. We are discussing a second photo shoot which will take place within a few weeks. Probably in Germany. A word of praise for the model will follow.

Chanel 135 - 136

Two versions of beautiful Chanel posing in blended myodisc glasses by Flair, Rx -14.

Chanel 133 - 134

Two versions of the same portrait. Chanel posing in splendid Formlenti glasses by Christian Olivier.

Chanel 132

Fine posing by lovely Chanel in blue cat eye glasses by Zenni, Rx -12 (see also Chanel 072).

Chanel 130 - 131

Here are a few more pictures of Chanel posing in strong glasses. Here are the green bamboo cat eye glasses from picture 071. Rx around minus twelve.

Chanel 129

A nice natural quality of Chanel is the touch of asymmetry in her face. Here she shows the rounder aspect. Some young models don't like the idea of asymmetry but it is in fact an asset. Time to leave the forest and return to the carport for a few more pictures in strong glasses....

Chanel 128

Excellent posing by beautiful Chanel in the Femina glasses.