zondag 25 juni 2017

Marieke 399

Location: 800 meters above Ferpècle, Val d'Hérens, Switzerland

Glasses: nameless, from China
[L=R: -20.00]

This photo was taken near the end of August 2011, on my favourite bivouac site. Marieke and I used this site as "base camp" for several mountain climbs in the Dent Blanche chain. There is no shelter, let alone accommodation so we always carried everything we needed on our backs. The attractions of this site are the splendid views and the absolute privacy. It's easy to imagine what mountaineering was like 150 years ago.
Aside from being my climbing partner for many years, Marieke did four photo shoots for me between 2011 and 2013 (see index of my second weblog). Many glasses featured in my recent photo shoot with Nicole were first shown by Marieke in 2011.  

Nel 514

This fine moment of reflection marks the end of the brief photo shoot in Fuchsal. As stated before, there are no freelance models active on Madeira but we got close to find an amateur model. A nice looking lady in her late forties invited Nel to fit a few skirts in her clothing shop and her glasses looked stronger than Nel's. We had a nice chat with the lady and they tried each other's glasses. Her command of the English language was poor but nevertheless far better than our knowledge of her own language :). However, the lady said that her prescription was -14 and she was interested to try the four Zenni glasses in front of a mirror in the shop. We agreed that she would pose for me the next day after finishing her work. But alas, when I arrived she told me that her husband had forbidden it ("He is a bit conservative"). So far for equal rights.... Anyway, thank you Nel for posing on Madeira!

Nel 513


Nel 512

Nel posed again in the green Zenni glasses on the day after our return from the "hellish" levada. She said that she liked her looks in this pair, so why not? In fact, Nel was already familiar with this frame long before the trip to Madeira. Her daughter Mirjam posed in a purple version during her first photo shoot (previous weblog) and I later ordered it with lenses in her own mild prescription.

Nel 510 - 511

These striking Zenni glasses were featured in my third photo shoot with Emma (present weblog). After seeing the pictures, Nel decided that they were alright in a photo shoot but a bit over the top for use in everyday life. After a couple of snapshots we decided to head down the valley as the drizzle was changing into rainfall.

Nel 509

Glasses: Zenni 183725
[L: -11.00; c-1.25 v / R: -11.50; c-1.25 v]

Nel 508

Flood? Landslide? Rock fall? None of that, just an example of spontaneous posing. Some background information about these green Zenni glasses will be given after our safe return from the Levada do Inferno. We continued our walk through the forest until we met a young couple. They told us that they were forced to return - a landslide had destroyed a tunnel so further access was barred. Time to go back to the waterfall for some captures in the fourth pair of glasses....