vrijdag 24 maart 2017

Merle 153

This pencil drawing version of Merle (121) in blended myodisc glasses marks the end of an epic photo shoot. It also included one series that will be posted separately as a part of the Valentine special (previous weblog). Merle is the 80th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

(a word of thanks to this extraordinary model will be added soon)

Merle 152

A final capture of Merle on the forest path, wearing her aviator glasses.

Merle 149 - 151

"What a day, Mr. Photographer. We went deep but it was worth the effort, don't you think?"

"Some day indeed, Merle. You have a lot of homework to do. Four songs to finish"

"I'm sure that it can be done. And if not, so be it. Anyway. Great to break a barrier or two"

"It's getting dark and chilly. How about packing our stuff and head back to town?"

"Good idea, Rob. And thanks for everything"

"The pleasure was entirely on my side. Thank you for all you brought in yourself. Here is a little memento"

He handed her a copy of the "Crystal Veil" CD.

"If you don't like the music, you can always use it as a frisbee"

"I will have a good listen first"

"May I invite you for dinner in town?"

"Your kind offer is under consideration"

Merle 148

Who on earth could ever reject a publicity photo like this?

Merle 147

Glasses: Zenni 4411912
[L=R: -8.00]

Merle 145 - 146

Near exhaustion after the discovery of new horizons in songwriting. The inventor was at the end of his tether as well and they took a long break in which not a word was spoken. Afterglow, reflection. But gradually both of them surfaced and they decided to finish off with the crazy glasses suggested by the inventor during their previous break.

Merle 144

Her final effort was a gloomy song about the deprived and the handicapped in society. The inventor now feared for her well being and urged her to return from wherever she had been. After removing the glasses it took a couple of minutes before the fog cleared up. A safe return was guaranteed and she came out of her composing marathon unscathed. An epic performance indeed. High time for another drink and another cigarette....