donderdag 25 mei 2017

Nicole 026

Boots is a well known opticians chain with over 600 shops in the UK. Most of the Boots glasses in my collection were acquired in charity shops during my travels in England and Wales, at the turn of the Millennium. The Boots glasses shown by Nicole came from a Welsh charity shop I will never forget. It was run by three very friendly, talkative old ladies. When I asked if they had any used prescription glasses in the shop, they held a conference and then asked the reason for my request. They were quite interested to hear about a Dutch couple in search of crystal balls and prescription glasses. Two of the ladies went into a back room and soon returned carrying a giant crate filled to the brim with old prescription glasses. The shop did not have any crystal ball for my life partner Coby so she decided to help me selecting the prescription glasses. This would have saved us a lot of time but the three old ladies were fascinated by our selection process and they let us partake on their advice regarding each pair we dug out of the crate. Even more surprising was that in many cases they mentioned the name of the first owner and started exchanging the latest news about the lady in question. They often even knew that there were more glasses from the same lady in the crate. As a result, their hospitality took us a couple of hours but it yielded a harvest not equaled before or after. Glasses stories....

Nicole 025

Glasses: Boots (Poppy), 1980's
[L: +1.75 / R: +1.50 / var add 2.25]

Nicole 024

Nicole is also the first model who poses in these glasses by Sir John. Again, the prescription for her left eye is correct and the right lens is way off. Nicole noticed the severe imbalance straightaway but nevertheless managed to create a very natural looking portrait. Hat off for Nicole!

Nicole 023

Glasses: Sir John, late 1980's / early 1990's
[L: +1.75 / R: +2.00; c+2.00 o]

Nicole 022

Pink frames are a perfect option for blondes and Nicole did not hesitate to give these bifocals a try. Needless to say, the highly unusual prescription gave her mono vision but the lens for the left eye was almost perfect. As a result, the left eye is leading in this portrait. Note the size difference between both eyes. Nicole is the first model who ever posed in these glasses. Nice!

Nicole 021

These nameless pink bifocals were a find in Germany, some fifteen years ago. Their first owner had a fairly difficult prescription not unlike my own. Her left eye may once have been perfect but she later became longsighted. Her right eye was shortsighted with a fair amount of astigmatism. It calls for much patience from both optician and client to find out which prescription gives a proper balance between the two images. My own approach is to give the shortsighted eye a knife sharp correction and the longsighted eye a slightly higher plus correction. The effect has to be tested in the street with a trial frame on. This gives a better overall impression than just reading the chart in the shop.  

Nicole 020

Glasses: Gan Aimh, 1980's
[L: +1.50; c+0.50 h / R: +0.50; c-2.00 o / bif add 2.50]